DISHIN' WITH DEVON: First week under the belt
We are currently 1-1 after a tough weekend against Furman (part of the SoCon Conference) and Clemson (part of the ACC). It’s tough challenges like last weekend’s and this upcoming weekend that are going to prepare us to be the champions of our conference this year.

The first road trip is always exciting because the dynamics of the team are slightly different each season. On our long road trip to Greenville, S.C., we watched movies, sang songs, chatted, slept, ate, chatted some more and snacked until we reached our destination. We stepped off the bus and on to the practice field to get in one last session before the big game under the lights on Friday.

Friday night was one of the best feelings I have had had in a long time. The conditions were perfect for playing with an air temperature near 75 degrees and a full stadium rooting against us with the exception of our 12 fans. Not to mention we were sporting our new gold uniforms which made us look sharp. Although we would prefer to have a full stadium cheering us on, you learn to appreciate the small voices in the crowd. I can always hear our fans cheering for us and the rest is just background noise. Thank you to all those who come to our games every opportunity you get!

After a dynamic warm up and a loud pregame cheer, we took to the field and the rest is history, winning the game 3-2 in overtime. This not only brought us our first win but also put us on the right foot in terms of future overtimes. As you may recall, we had some trouble scoring in overtimes last year. So to start out with a win in our first overtime is a success for us, as well as the win itself.

Sunday, we took on Clemson. They are a young, talented team but that didn’t stop us from controlling the game for the first 25 minutes. We scored first and we went up 1-0 on them, making us the better team. But it seemed as soon as we scored that we stopped believing that we actually were the better team and so Clemson came back, winning the game, 3-1.

In my opinion, we could have beaten them and I believe that we were the better team for the first part of the game. However something changed in us as a team that I can’t describe, it was a weird feeling to be up and then be down so soon afterwards. Clemson deserved to win that game; they continued to push hard against the odds and won the game. They are a good team and will have great success this season.

Overall, the weekend was still a triumph. We were able to recognize the skills we did well with and the skills and tactics that we need to improve upon. We had a tough couple days of practice that we used to work on individual defending, team defending and attacking.

After recovering from our trip to Greenville, South Carolina to take on Furman and Clemson, we find ourselves in Charleston, S.C. again this weekend to take on two more good teams: The Citadel and Charleston Southern. I believe that this week’s practice has prepared us for our tough weekend. I am confident that if we play together as a team and maintain our positive attitudes that we will be unbreakable and we will come away with two wins against two very good teams.