KUP'S KORNER: The Season is Quickly Approaching
The season is quickly approaching and though I’ll be sad to see an end of my days of sitting behind a desk and processing paperwork; I’m very excited to get back into the gym. All 15 ladies on the roster will be migrating to Jacksonville on Sunday to move in and officially begin the 2010 season. Eight familiar faces and seven newbies will make for an eventful August as the ladies work to learn our systems and I work on keeping all the new names straight. It’s a great time of endless possibilities in my mind. We have some great athletes in the gym and the competition for playing time is going to be intense.

We’ve got three weeks before our first game at Clemson… I don’t know what our team will look like in 21 days or who will be on the court, but I know we’ll be competitive. With such a young team we’ll have our ups and downs, but we’ll be strong at the end of the year and enjoy the journey.

On Monday, I’ll be missing our familiar faces of Kelly Hopkins and Ali Simmons (coaches), Katie Rovtar (trainer) and of course our three graduates Brooke Singleton, Nicki Kent, and Shelley Walroth, but time moves on and so will we. Chuck Crawford and Christina Diaz have been doing a great job and are both pacing around the office like a couple of caged tigers. I’ll just throw that out to you athletes coming back this weekend. We are ready… are you?