THOMAS TALK: “We’re burning calories ladies”
Welcome friends, family and fans of Jacksonville University to yet another season of women’s basketball. My name is GiGi Thomas and I am a fifth-year senior here at JU. I will be writing the blogs for the women’s basketball team this year and I am excited to report to you how being a collegiate athlete on the Division 1 level really is. I would like to say I plan on giving you the business - straight, no chaser.

The excitement I have is unexplainable but in the same breath I am sad; sad that in a few months my career as a Dolphin and college student will be over and the real world will soon be knocking at my door step. This season of women’s basketball will be different than any other season I have ever witnessed. We have a very young team, but as you know young people are vibrant and full of energy and laughter. This season will be fun and exciting for the players and fans. I hope that you are as excited as we are about what this season has in store.

We are all settled in our apartments and getting to know each other better every day. So far this year we have had a lot of meetings about academics, NCAA eligibility and all the boring stuff that we have to have meetings about every year. Next week (starting August 30, 2010) will mark the first official day of preseason workouts. Everybody on the team is super excited about making themselves better and getting in shape for the upcoming season. This year we only have two days of conditioning per week (YES!) which doesn’t sound bad, but with our strength and conditioning coach Todd (Moyer), it will be a tough two days. How I see it is, what won’t kill us will definitely make us stronger competitors. And like my fellow senior Lynsey says, “We’re burning calories ladies.”

Aside from basketball our team could form a sing/dance/rap group so if you here of any auditions please let me know immediately. We are always bonding with one another. We all get along great and we all have one common goal for the season and that is to win an A-Sun Championship ring and go to the NCAA tournament.

This year we have three seniors, Taneski Richardson, Lynsey Paschal and I. You can call us the BIG THREE, or the Killa Tre. I mean whatever works best for you. The object is that with everyone’s support, the three seniors plan to lead this women’s basketball team all the way to the NCAA.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now until preseason kicks off and then I’ll report the grimy stuff we go through as student athletes. I will also tell you about these crazy new girls’s on our team…lol…they keep me laughing nonstop. It’s going to be a pleasure playing with them my senior season. So that means you have to keep following me every week. Until next time…Man Down!