Last week was dedicated to controlled running ending in winning in Titusville with a perfect score (1 through 5). The race was run primarily as a team, and we now have better indicators on what we are good at, and what we need to improve. We have got less than a month until conference, and it is time to bring out perfection.

After been held back for an entire week, my body is itching for some fast running, burning lungs and dead legs. Good thing hell week is here. Wednesday and Saturday's sessions are sure tough, but with a highly motivated group, the hard training is more embraced than feared. This is the time we feel the tension coming as pre-nationals is less than two weeks away and conference is right around the corner. Coach (Ron Grigg) went to South Carolina to view the championship course this weekend and with long down hills, flats, then a semi-surging hill the last 400-meter with scenic views - I wish I could fast-forward and get there already. Yet, (there is )still a lot of work to do until then.

Now some out of running shoes fun: driving in a van with endorphin high runners always turns into a good time. After Friday's race we went searching for food (hungry runners are, believe me, not as much fun), and after a failed stop at Publix, we ended up in an overcrowded Chick-fil-A were fought our way to the counter. I would like to thank the restaurant's founder for placing books about the companies development, it helped me kill some waiting time, as well, I acquired more knowledge about cows saying ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ (apparently grammar rules don't apply to cows). The food was consumed in a fast manner before heading back to Duval with terrible radio channels that were substituted with ridiculous conversations. I would like to thank Natasha Harvey for excellent driving service and Cathy Agoris for being a hero.

Congratulations to JU athletics this weekend with some great results, and good luck to the stick swingers (golfers) in their tournament.