KUP'S KORNER: Surfing and volleyball
"Problems are only opportunities in work clothes." -- Henry J. Kaiser

Last week I was out in the ocean “surfing.” I put it in quotes because I am not yet a surfer; to say I’m a novice would be kind. Well we had a nice little tropical storm out in the Atlantic Ocean which caused some big waves to hit the shores and I decided to give it a try… Not a great idea. After about a half hour out there I caught a huge wave and promptly lost my balance and tumbled into water as a wash of bubbles spun me around like I was in a washing machine. Everyone tells you rule number one is don’t panic… so of course the first thing I did was PANIC. Swung my arms around and kicked a bit before a peace took over. I relaxed and slowly floated to the surface. Needless to say I need a little more practice before the next tropical storm.

I tell you this story not because I’m proud of being a very poor surfer but because it directly relates to our team the past few weeks. We have played great in some matches but in others we seem to hit the panic button. The good news is that when the game has gotten tight, we are able to calm ourselves and come out of the situation safe with a victory. It’s not always pretty, but we’ve won eight of our last 10 matches and have showed that we can make some plays when they are needed. Now I am just hoping to no longer need the late game heroics. Some consistency throughout the match would go a long way toward keeping my hair dark and my sanity intact.

We have an interesting week planned as we head north to Georgia and face Kennesaw State and Mercer. Both are good teams and will present different match-up problems. Our team has always been good on the road and this will be our first road conference test. Hopefully, we will keep riding the waves to a few more victories this weekend.