THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: Time to get our "swagger" on…
What a wonderful week it has been! Mother earth gave us perfect training conditions with cool and crisp air for our tough sessions which we managed to embrace and utilize.

Despite some puking after hard running and sore legs because Coach (Cole) Pope decided to kick our butts a little, we are now as prepared as we can be for what's coming next; Pre-Nationals. Six of us are getting in the van Friday early morning to get to the airport and fly up to Terra Haute, Indiana. This means I most likely have to put on the alarm at four-something to crawl out of bed and get into a "casual business attire" to represent the university in a professional manner, not an easy task when you are used to pulling on whatever lays first in your running wardrobe (which by the way is ten times bigger than the "business wardrobe"). The rest of the girls and all the boys are competing at Stetson on Friday evening and will run last year's championship course with all its good memories.

Saturday was a definite highlight of the week as we started off with a great session and had the track dedication shortly after. It was an honor to have lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Autrey, the donors who made the new track possible, as well as other important people I wish I knew better. Louise (Kiernan) and Unique (Singleton) handed over the batons to the Autreys who broke the "finish line" and officially opened the Autrey Track. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing facility. Furthermore, we watched some football with little understanding of the game, and we (the international kids) came to the conclusion that football players wear massive shoulder stuff only to look bigger. Real men play rugby. To avoid unfortunate tackles; congratulations on the win, you played great (I think?).

Coach Grigg has come up with a theme for this season's finale: Get you "swagger" on, which primarily means that we need to believe in ourselves and run with confidence. It’s like with running as all other sports, you need a set amount of confidence and faith to trust yourself when it hurts the most. When we hit the last hill and every single muscle in our bodies find it a perfect spot for a 15-minute nap, we need to know in our minds that we are strong enough to climb up and beat our opponents. We have had bee both persistent and consistent in training so there is no reason to have doubt in our minds as we approach the big events. We are ready.