Women’s rowing tallies three medals at FIRA Fall Classic
Despite only having one race under their belts in the fall, the JU women’s rowing team got some momentum heading into the break by tallying three medals at the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association (FIRA) Fall Classic on Saturday on Canal 54 in Fellsmere, Fla.

With three out of four boats finishing in the top three, the Dolphins transfer into preparations for the 2011 season with a better gauge of their progress.

“This event was another opportunity for us to see where we are versus other teams,” said head coach Kris Muhl. “We had strong races across the board and we're on track for our primary season. It was exciting to see most of our novices in their first career races. Coach Mulstay is doing a great job with them and they are working diligently to learn how to row. Our strength coach, Rhian Davis, has done a top notch job with the team and what she does continues to make us stronger so we can get faster.

“Team wide, we need to be sure to maintain our fitness and strength if the spring is going to show improvement over last year, and I believe it can.”

The Varsity 8 with coxswain Jamie Goldstein, Emily Close, Danielle Fournier, Mary Mosier, Jill Carmody, Allison Sobiech, Whitney Mathews, Morgan McTiernan and Candace Barber collected a bronze with a time of 11:58 behind Nova Southeastern “A” (11:48) and Barry (11:54) but ahead of Nova Southeastern “C” (12:11), Nova Southeastern “B” (12:33), Florida Tech (12:38) and Florida State (13:04).

The Varsity 4 with coxswain Carolyn Barquist, Romi Delfino, Abby Siergik, Cassie MacLellan and Adrienne Santos placed fifth with a 14:01 behind Barry “A” (13:16), Nova Southeastern “A” (13:20), Florida Tech (13:30) and Nova Southeastern “B” (13:32) but ahead of Barry “B” (14:21), Nova Southeastern “C” (14:27), Nova Southeastern “D” (14:31), Barry “C” (14:44), Florida State (14:46) and Rollins College (14:51).

The Freshman 8 consisting of coxswain Mary Meyers, Romi Delfino, Jordyn Clary, Tiffany Molloy, Talia Oliver, Abigail Bristin, Rebecca Clark, Maycee Dieoneda and Kelsey Carl notched a bronze with a time of 14:13 behind Nova Southeastern “A” (12:45) and Nova Southeastern “B” (13:54) but ahead of Rollins College (14:59), Florida State “A” (15:32) and Florida State “B” (16:07).

The Freshman 4 with coxswain Abigail Bristin, Rebecca Clark, Jordyn Clary, Mary Meyers and Kelsey Carl topped things off with a silver by tallying a 14:37 behind Nova Southeastern “A” (13:02) but ahead of Florida Tech (14:45), Florida State (15:51), Rollins College (15:55), Nova Southeastern “B” (16:46) and Barry (17:23).