THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: try again, and again, and again
"At first if you don't succeed, try again, and again, and again, until you can't try no more…"

My last cross country meet in the JU uniform did not go anywhere near as expected. With bronchitis, asthma and dusty roads, my lungs decided that they did not wanna run anymore and I had to stop halfway through the race at the NCAA South Region. It was a proper bummer, as the course was fast and many athletes in our conference put up big PRs, including our own Bailee "Bojiggles" Hedstrom. Joane (Pierre) did not have a good day either and never found the rhythm.

I'm trying to not let the sour ending blend the highlights of the season. Yes, this season had more bumps in the road than wanted and we did not see the results we expected, but I strongly believe this is only a bump on the road to continuous success. Rome was not built in a day -nor was JU cross country. We won conference for the first time last year, a title that became too tough to defend this year. It was a step backwards, next time it’s time to take two steps forward again. We have learned from the negatives of this season, but it is the positives we need to keep with us:

Joane winning the Mountain Dew Invitational and placing second as a team
Perfect score at the FL Invitational
Big personal records and many individual improvements
An excellent training season which will gives us strength going into indoors

Running is an individual sport, but being on a team is what makes the sport fun. Our group of girls (and boys) is a rare combination of personalities that blend together and take shapes into various outcomes. We run, eat and sleep surrounded by people that is a part of everything we do. We have been on multiple road trips, bringing us closer, learning to deal with each other's ridiculousness; swinging in trees, buying pillow-pets, trying to locate lost runners, giving out nicknames, and bringing coach to the edge with semi-feasible arguments (it's called bilateral tough-love-> see pic).

Now it's time for the three of us who competed at regionals to rest up our bodies for a week (I'm already bouncing off the walls) before we join the rest of the group in indoor pre-season training.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and supported us through the season, it is very much appreciated.

I wish you the very best