JU athletics hosts inaugural etiquette dinner for campus
A group of 20 JU students got the unique opportunity on Tuesday night to be a part of the Dolphins athletics inaugural etiquette dinner sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network’s Koch Group.

Bill Koch of the Koch Group hosted the event for the students, while Diann Caitlin of Lessons in Etiquette was the facilitator and discussed dining etiquette as well as other areas of business etiquette.

“Diann Catlin did a fantastic job of teaching the JU students the importance, and meaning behind, what excellent etiquette is all about,” said Koch. “She demonstrated through funny anecdotes and her professional experience that etiquette is really about showing respect to all people”

The group was served a four-course meal and taught several areas in etiquette for both dining and business situations, including respect for others, proper correspondence, and table etiquette.

“This was a very valuable and unique evening offered by one of our corporate partners, Northwestern Mutual, and we are thankful for their innovative approach to their relationship with us,” said Senior Account Executive of Dolphin Properties Everette Seay. “Bill Koch and his organization are committed to developing the whole student through their relationship with JU Athletics and our university. Diann Catlin provided an informative and fun event to further enhance our students’ educational experience. This etiquette dinner provided our students with a critical tool for their skill set as they tackle their professional endeavors.”