The great Mark Twain once wrote “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

In this new era of the Internet, there are hundreds of college football polls, indexes and ratings. Some are factually based, like the Fathead/Sports Network Top 25, which is voted on by the media that cover the Football Championship Subdivison teams.

And then there is the Bilo College Football Report .

In the interest of full disclosure, I had never heard of this website before I got an email from my “Google Alerts” system telling me of this new story with Jacksonville University in it.

I click on the link and BAM! Low and behold, it’s a new top 25 poll for the FCS and guess who is in at number four – YOUR JU DOLPHINS!!!

The frustrating part of this poll is that there is no explanation of how you earn points, if it is a voting based poll or just a performance index like the Sagarin ratings.

Yes, the win at Old Dominion was huge for the JU program. To go up there and win a game in front of 20,000 rabid fans was an unbelievable experience. To have a young defense make big play after big play when we needed them was a sight to behold. To see our offense get rolling for more than 450 yards in the final three quarters was a thing of beauty.

To see 19,800 (we had 200 tickets for the game) people walk out of Foreman Field in an unhappy mood and voicing their displeasure as we were making our way back to the locker room was reminiscent of winning a game at an SEC opponent.

That win, somehow or another, pushed JU to be ranked fourth in the country while the team we’re facing this week – Appalachian State - comes in at number five after rallying to beat Chattanooga. To give you a better perspective of the poll, perennial nation power and last year’s finalist, Montana, is not even in the top 25.

Like we said in the Facebook post earlier this week – we’ve never heard of this poll, but we sure do like it!