LEHMAN-MUNNEKE - We are finally seeing our potential...
We did not do as much touring this weekend, but we definitely stepped up our game on the court.

We started out with a 3-0 loss to Baylor but we did not know that they were a Sweet 16 team from last year. We were able to hang with them for the majority of the match but we let them go on large runs in each set. If we were able to minimize the runs, we definitely would have been able to compete with them more.

In the next two matches, we were able to learn from our mistakes and stop those long runs. We were able to beat Florida Atlantic in three sets, which was our best game as a team thus far. Our defense, setting and offense were all executing and some players really stepped up including Alison Leoppky (who hit over .700) and Aidan Yeager (who hit over .500).

The next day we played UCF, who has always been a rivalry (especially for returners) because we could never beat them in the past. This year, we pulled it together by beating them in a five-set match.

Overall, we are finally starting to see the potential that we have as a team. Like Coach Kupferberg said, we are very proud of ourselves for the success this weekend but not comfortable. This is only the beginning of a long journey for our team, and we have the opportunity to reach even greater heights.