THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...
Saturday was one of those lemon days - a day that didn't bring too many positives.

We had the opportunity to race against some of the best athletes in the US on a great course, in great weather, and we didn't rise to the occasion and perform as we wanted. It was a very disappointed group who sat in the van going away from the pre-nationals venue, with tears, anger and all other feelings indicating that this group is not satisfied with mediocre performances. We want to be the best, the best we can be at any given moment, thus the disappointment and frustration after under-performing is a good sign. It means we learned, it means we will not do the same mistakes again, it means that we will in 12 days be our best - because that is the only thing we are satisfied with. We have less than two weeks to get our bodies healthy and our minds refurbished, Coach Grigg has designed the training and it is up to each individual to make the good decisions that will allow us to bring out the best on conference day. I am really excited for conference to come around, it is going to be a lot of fun if we race our hearts out. Another exciting thing is that graduate Ali Ritter will be present and that beautiful voice certainly can make people run extra hard.

Despite the race, the trip contained lots of fun. Getting up at 4.30am and spending some time in planes and airports have different effects on people. Coach got confused and took us to the wrong gate, Morgan (Keel) and Svenja (Meyer) bought ridiculous hats (seen in picture) while the rest of us were half delirious. An hour late lunch at Subway was greeted by hungry tummies. Thereafter we headed to our hotel and used our not-ready rooms for changing before heading to the race venue to jog the course and get the travel out of our bodies. We must have looked like a confused herd of sheep as we stopped to argue about which route to take on the multi-turn course at every other corner; a territorial map and a compass should be supplemented in the race package for further reference.

Saturday's return was used for homework and jealous looks at the ice cream place which "all other athletes" got to eat at. 12 more days and all the ice cream in the world is going down.

Congratulations to football's massive win, I am very upset that we didn't get a ride in your chartered plane on the way back.

Have a great week fellow dolphins!