It has been two weeks of preparing for this weekend, we haven't done much interesting despite catching a cold, getting to use hats and mitten, and having patience requiring workouts.

We are currently in Hoover, Ala. – seven hours west for JU. I am surprised we made it alive, not due to reckless driving, but to Coach's devotion to the "heart and soul" radio station. I am pretty sure my hearing is suffering from severe out-of-tune damages. Duck tape might be necessary on the return. To keep the singing in a distance, we had some non-intelligent conversations, including if "gain on me" is a accurate term or not (it's a slang for something unimportant in Bailee and Jojo -land).

Despite the insincerity of the first part of the trip, we have a big race Saturday which we are very much looking forward to. The South Regionals is a big race with a high level of competition from some of the best runners in the country, I am excited to see what we can do as individuals in this setting. We are all in the shape of our lives so big personal records are to be expected.

We are heading to the course tomorrow morning for a run through, then I guess it is going to be a long day of homework. Or most likely we will head out and explore the neighborhood as we have located a world market and other fun places, which means I have to commit to an endless search for Norwegian goodies (they gotta be somewhere in this country).

It really is a bittersweet weekend for me, my last cross country race representing Jacksonville University. I better make it a good one. As the wise men say,”everything has a beginning and an end, it what you do in between that makes life worth living.”

Good luck to big games for volleyball and football – let’s finish season on a high note!