THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: An ending always means a new beginning
As cross country ended, our focus immediately shifted to indoors. We did not live up to our expectations in the fall, and it feels really good to be able to compete again soon, to revenge a somewhat sour ending and get started on something new.

The time between two seasons always feel strange, as a mixture of recovery and preparation. We all have done our best to recover as quickly as possible and have already started building towards what I believe is going to be another record-breaking season.

Some of us got to challenge our balance on icy roads and snowy condition over the break, while others got to stay in the south and enjoy clear roads - even though the snow is getting closer and closer to JU boundaries every year.

I am hoping for a solid snow storm in the world-ending 2012, just to see what will happen. Will those Floridians still wear flip-flops and shorts like they do in 30-degree weather? (Please put on more clothes, you make me look ridiculous walking around in 15 layers of clothing and I’m from a place where 30 degrees could be a nice April day).

Luckily, weather will not matter for the next months of indoor competition. We begin our season this weekend at University of Florida as our pentathletes start Saturday and all the rest get on the start line Sunday. We have worked really hard since returning from break and our practices are getting better and better. Mixed sessions, including synchronized hurdle mobility and Bailee's (Hedstrom) not so synchronized hurdle mobility, have prepared our minds and bodies for what is to come. The foreigners are developing new words such as “hand-ankle” (which is the same as “wrist” according to Svenja (Meyer) and “foot-finger” (“toes” according to Charlene (Charles)) which are soon to be common established words in English all across the globe. Throwers, sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers are all reporting great results and I know everyone is ready to show off their improvements.

New words, new techniques; faster; stronger; better. The season can start. So if you have some spare time this weekend, I’ll suggest you make a trip to UF’s facility and see what we got.

Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to a new and improved JU Track and Field 2011!