THOMAS TALK: Nervous Energy
Hi family, friends and fans. You know some people like to think of exhibition games as a scrimmage or a game that doesn't count. Well, as a hard working athlete, I like to think of anything that involves a winner and a loser as a real game. So if we're playing spades, golf, air hockey or whatever - you better believe I'm counting it in my books. You can say it doesn't count all you want but in the end we played a game where someone lost and someone won.

Our first and only exhibition game of the season said a lot about us. In my head, it was about a thousand people at our game cheering us on. And those thousand people gave my teammates and I the confidence we needed to perform. Before the game we had a shoot around and during that shoot around I asked all of the freshmen were they nervous and they all said yes. I smiled because I remember those days of nervous energy and excitement. You were so excited that you put your jersey shorts on backwards, you tied your shoes together and you forgot to put on your favorite underwear. I told Madison (Scott) that there's no need to be nervous, if you love the game it'll love you back. This is what we have been practicing so hard for; be anxious not nervous.

I was very excited to see some lovable familiar faces Mrs. (Debbie) Pruitt in her court side seat, Mr. (Greg) Gray in his Jacksonville University Dad shirt. We played hard from start to finish and we came out on top. I guess that means I get bragging rights because University of Tampa thought they had what it takes to come in our house and take a victory. Access denied.

After our first battle, I think the nervous energy from our freshmen is gone and now we must move on and focus on our next opponent. USF on Friday evening will be our first regular season game. USF is a Big East team that is really big in the post and quick at the guard spot. I can't tell you much about our game plan but we definitely plan on playing at our tempo, crashing the boards and turning up our defensive intensity. We hope that you will be cheering us on as we take the road down to Tampa to get our first victory. Until next time 'man down'.