THOMAS TALK: Nail-Biting Opener
The arena in Tampa for USF was huge. Banners of all the Big East teams wrapped around the gym reminding me of the territory we had walked into. Connecticut, Georgetown, Louisville and other great college basketball teams play in the Sun Dome. And just think, little 'ol JU was inches away from winning a game in the Sun Dome against USF.

If you weren't in attendance you missed an exciting, hard fought, nail-biting thriller. Yes, it was all of the above! The crowd was insane. Our bench was stoked and our fans were on their feet, if not on the edge of their seats during minute of the game. We were up at the half, 36-31, but I knew they were not going down without a fight. I just have to get everybody else to understand that.

This game is played in 40 minutes and every minute counts. We ended up losing by five (82-77). We know now that it’s going to take the entire team playing and cheering for 40 minutes in order to come out victorious.

Now, we have to on becuase we play again this Wednesday (Nov. 17th) in our home opener against FAU. We will work hard for a well-deserved win. So to all of our fans, family and friends come out and show your support at our first home game. Also I have worked very diligently along side of Brian Freshly (Promotion Director) to coordinate a pep rally for our fans. Prior to the FAU game, please come out and enjoy some music, free pizza and prizes from 5-7 p.m. Hope to see you soon.

Until next time, 'man down'.