THOMAS TALK: Gifts & January Snow
Welcome once again family, friends and fans to another Thomas Talk blog. I know you have missed me dearly because I sure have missed updating you all more than you can imagine. I have had the hardest time searching for the proper things to write during our minor slump. Our train had derailed momentarily, but as your conductor, we are getting this train back on track.

The holiday break was sweet, but short. Everyone got a chance to go home and enjoy family time. Christmas and New Year’s is the time of year that we patiently wait for and when it finally arrives you realize that it's just another day. Why can't we share family time, gifts and give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us year round?

When we all returned from Christmas break, we had a mini-team Christmas party where we exchanged our secret Santa gifts. Ro (Ronisha Mitchell) picked my name and got me a grey and blue Jordan shirt. I picked Jessica (George) and bought her a beanie and some accessories from her favorite store Forever 21. Jes got Ashanti (Williams) some healing bath soaps. Ashanti give Maggie (Wilson) a Wal-Mart gift card. Crystal (Bell) received a Burger King gift card from Maggie, while she gave Abril (Peeples) an Aeropostale polo. Abril got Ronisha a pink snuggie and the new Nikki Minaj album. Taneski (Richardson) pulled Jenae (Wilson) and bought her a purple aeropostale shirt. Jenae got Lynsey Paschal a Forever 21 gift card. Lynsey brought two pairs of ear rings from Forever 21 for Madison Scott, while she gave Jane’l (Osoborne) a purple Aeropostale shirt. Jane’l bought Jade (Cargill) perfume. Jade gave Ciara (McLee) some headphones, while she bought Taneskei two pairs of Jordan socks to round out the gift giving. Overall, the party and gift sharing was a success.

Right now, we are boarding our flight from Tennessee back to Jacksonville. Although, we are not leaving undefeated we all had fun. It was Ro’s, Jade’s and Crystal;s first time seeing snow. They were so excited when they woke up to see snow covering the ground. You would have thought it was Christmas again the way they ran outside to catch the snow fall. Just like little kids we had snowball fights and attempted to build a snowman.

With the start of a new semester, we are getting back into the swing of things with a tough conference schedule ahead of us and new professors to learn from in our classes. We are all excited to see what the New Year has in store for us. We hope you all are just as excited as we are. We have lost just as many games as we have won, but that doesn't define where we are headed in our season. We all still truly believe that our success is limitless. See you at the ship. Happy New Year and Until next time 'man down'.