THOMAS TALK: This roller coaster ends now
How's everybody doing? Good? Well at least one of us is doing good. I am sick. You know usually it’s difficult for me to write after a loss, this time I'm eager to vent to you right now.

A loss seems to have increased in importance after our first River City match up against UNF. I'm not sure anyone really understands my passion for the game of basketball. Well, allow me to explain.

If you take a look at our season you may wonder what's going on! Wonder no more, because if I have anything to say about it that this roller coaster ends now – no more excuses. No matter your age or situation you have to learn to hate some things so much that you'll do everything in your power to not let it happen. I'm talking about losing. At some point you have to make a change in order to prosper, grow and win consistently. And there's no better time than now to make that change.

I have no doubt that we will be reigning champions but we can't do that without a contribution from each and every person on the team. We have time to prove our love as a whole. I got really sick so I jumped off of the roller coaster, I hope everyone else follows my lead. We will definitely see Monday vs. Campbell. See you there. Until next time 'man down'.