FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2011
USA Blog #12: A Taste of Home
No time to rest on laurels after the win over Egypt. Coach Hewitt wants to make sure we are well rested for Serbia tonight, so no shootaround today.

Breakfast was usual and I walked to the arena, getting a chance to shoot by myself in the practice gym with Mattie ("Pladis" = Thank You) for a half hour. I got back for the Noon pregame meal.

Then back to the arena to scout China vs. Egypt. What a game! Egypt pulls out a double overtime win - man, if you could have seen the guys celebrate!!! I saw high fives, chest bumps and one dude even kissed the floor! Funny!

We got the win vs. Serbia (that's for you Sahbegovic family)! What a tough, hard fought win. Our guys started the game scoring in transition and then ended it with a really good defensive effort.

Stuck around for a few minutes of the Lithuania game and they are beating the brakes off Korea, up 30 in the second quarter.

I've got to go eat and get back to watch Croatia, who beat Lithuania last night. They are supposed to have a 17-year old kid who is better than Jonas (the #6 pick in the NBA draft). Have I mentioned that they are some REALLY GOOD PLAYERS over here?

To end the night we had real American ice cream!!! And yes I had more than my share and then some.