Countdown to The Citadel: 19 days
Monday practice report: Full pads in the morning, uppers in the evening. Young players got a good amount of work and the coaching staff now has some good game-type film to work from following Saturday’s scrimmage at Fleming Island.

The Highlights: Several defenders, notably Lacy McDougald, Blythe Weaver, Chandler McKinnon and Schon Thomas, made a variety of outstanding plays throughout practice … Freshman quarterback Trevius Folston seems to be throwing the ball with more authority and freshman qb Kade Bell seems to be making progress … TE Quintin Davis made a good catch over the middle and carried a couple of tacklers with him as he headed to the end zone … The collision of camp happened in the morning when defender Andy Sainvil and wide receiver Adrian Riley caught each other mid-air on a pass from Bell.

From The Players: DB Andy Sainvil on the collision with Adrian Riley: “We’re just out here working hard. You don’t want to beat up a teammate too bad but we’re trying to get better. I’m not trying to hurt the man, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get better.’’ Sainvil himself stayed on the ground several seconds. “There were a few cobwebs, it’s all good, it’s football.’’

From The Coaches: Defensive line coach Ernie Logan on the status of his unit: “I’m very pleased with the first group, the starters, right now we’re looking for some depth. We’ve got a lot of young kids, guys who’ve been here a little bit, and they need to step up and help us and give us that depth. Right now, I’m very pleased with the starters and we’ve got a couple of guys backing them up who are doing OK but some of these guys need to learn what it takes to play on the college level, I don’t think they’ve figured it out yet.’’ On the drop off between the first team and the backups: “It’s pretty significant, but with that being said I’ve got one or two guys in the second group who can step in and help and it’s not that far of a drop off. We’ve got several freshmen out here, we’ve got some redshirt sophomores who need to step up and play and they haven’t produced up to this point.’’ On who has caught his eyes in practice: “Luidji Michel, the starting defensive end, is doing a tremendous job. His pass rush looks great, he’s playing the run well and he’s making some plays for us. He kind of started stepping up the last part of last year and he had a good spring. He’s always been athletic in the pass rush and he has combined that with power and he has surprised me some with how he’s played this fall.’’