VOLLEYBALL BLOG: Alyssa Robertson edition – 8/16
Starting another season with four new girls and twelve returners, we reunite to start off the 2011 Dolphin season. New players, a new assistant coach and a new year make for an exciting season.

August 7th was the official move in day for the Dolphins; nervousness and excitement were running high through every player’s body. We used all of our effort and skill to kick off the first two-a-days starting with team practice at 8 am. Every morning, Shaun (Kupferberg) coaches us in game-like situation drills to get us mentally and physically prepared for our afternoon competitive practice. We have certain goals we want to reach such as having complete ball control in a game we call “Exchange.”

In order to stay healthy and not be sore, each player takes an ice bath for the longest eight minutes. We stand or sit in a tub filled with 58 degree water to get our legs and/or shoulders. We spiced up one of our days by adding a team lift. Working hard on the court and in the weight room is what we need to be a conference champion. Not only do we learn on the court, but we also take our volleyball IQ off the court and onto the whiteboard. Coach Kupferberg helps raise our volleyball IQ by going over and explaining what is expected from us on the court.

Competing for a spot on the court gets tiring, but every night the team is separated into four groups to cook. Different cultures and backgrounds mixed together help expand the teams interest in different recipes and appetites. This is a great team bonding experience. Two days into camp, group one made a nice stir fry - chopped chicken with steamed peppers in a cooked tortilla. They next day group 2 made everyone delicious beef fajitas, while group 3 followed with tacos. My group made fresh cooked chicken pasta salad to round it out. All meals ended with a nicely baked dessert! We believe these team dinners have brought the team closer together. Next week should be interesting as we Dolphins take on Mother Nature.

Stay tuned for our next blog! - Alyssa