Countdown to The Citadel: 18 days

The Big Picture: Virtually all the offense and defense has been installed which is leading to a lot of repetition. Coach Kerwin Bell is keen on refining what they are doing and there is a good amount of situational work on going.

The Highlights: Defensive lineman T.J. Jenkins had a fumble recovery early in practice … Freshman defensive back Antonio McRae did a tremendous job of coverage on wider receiver Kwadwo Mensah on a corner route … Colby Walden and Alex Bradley both had interceptions. Walden’s came as close to the end line as he could get and Bradley’s was a juggling effort … tight end Andrew Robustelli made a sensational catch in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

From The Players: Sophomore linebacker Mike Klein, singled out by defensive coordinator Jerry Odom for his camp efforts: “Camp’s been going well so far. It’s starting to get to that point where it’s like the daily grind, two practices a day and just keep working, but I think everyone is getting a lot better. We’ve got a young defense but everyone is starting to find their rolls. As long as we keep it up and keep working hard like we have been, I think we’ll do real well. I feel good.’’

From The Coaches: Defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Jerry Odom on the status of his unit: “Well, we’re dinged up a little bit, I think that’s the biggest part. Our first team guys are doing OK, but when you’re trying to build depth and their hurt, and it’s not major things, it’s missing time. I’m really happy with Mike Klein and where he is and love Blythe Weaver. That freshman can run. He’s smart, he’s tough. Taylor Marsh has been steady Eddie. The jury’s still out on Luke (Lucktes Estiverne) because he’s been dinged up. It has nothing to do with him, his effort level has been really good and we’re happy with that part of it. We’re going to have to look at some different options, but those four or five guys have done a good job for us. We’ve just got to keep trying to get better each day.’’