VOLLEYBALL BLOG - Kathryn Kane edition (8/22)
In our second week of preseason, we’ve been working just as hard as our first. We are trying to narrow down our line-up, and according to Coach (Shaun) Kupferberg, it’s been a little difficult.

We have a lot of people who are stepping up and want to play this year, and it makes it more competitive in the gym. We have 16 girls that can play this year, in comparison to other years of having smaller teams, and a lot of depth at each position. All of us are pushing each other to be better, which is exciting and brings out a little competitiveness between the team.

We had been practicing so hard that midweek we had planned a camping trip. We had some girls excited about this, mainly the marine biology majors, and others were just excited about getting to know their teammates better. We fortunately had two tents - the seniors had their own tent which left the younger (13 girls in all) with the other one. I think they were all very cozy, but the scary stories we told before we went to sleep maybe weren’t the best idea.

We had two little trips we went on. The first was a trip to the bluffs at Little Tablot Island, where we stayed. It was fun to walk up and down that beach and see the trees and wildlife. We even had Jenell (Larsen) catch a crab! She later used it to scare another teammate, but that’s just how we get closer.

Our second trip, we went to the beach. We had some excellent boogie borders and some attempted surfing. I would say not all of us are as good at surfing as volleyball. While we were at the beach it started to rain, which turned into a pour. There wasn’t any lighting, so some of us stayed in the water which was really cool. The stragglers back at the camp site gave Coach Kupferberg a frantic phone call, apparently at a loss of what to do about the rain. I think they figured it out; they got into a tent with a canopy instead of sitting in the rain.

Finally at night, we played a campfire question game. This was to get to know our teammates and relax. Each person wrote a question and put it in a hat, and then everyone in the circle had to answer it. With twenty people this was a two night event. We had some fun and serious questions. Apparently we all wanted to know where everyone likes to go on vacation.

When we got back to JU it was back to business. We still need to narrow down our lineup, so every practice is important. We got back in the gym on Friday after a lift, and got right back into it. On Saturday, we had a green and white scrimmage. This is a little treat for us because we play game-like situations in practice, but don’t always just get to play six on six, like a real game. We mixed up the teams, and played three different games to 25. This scrimmage was also important to the players because there are still spots open that people are striving for. I think slowly we are staring to come together to make up a great team. We have the opportunity to do something awesome this year, and because everyone is working hard, it’s making us better and preparing us to play other people.

This upcoming week we start classes, and I know everyone’s excited for that. We also have our first tournament at Georgia Southern. It’s going to be fun to actually play another team and put our new and improved defensive and offensive skills to the test.