TALES FROM THE BACKLINE: "After rain, sunshine comes"
What a weekend for JU soccer. I think everyone on the team left the campus with high expectations last Thursday. But as it turned out, sometimes life plays a prank on you. Last trip marked one of those weekends you want to forget. The first game against the FAU Owls was supposed to be Friday night but as always, when we travel there, lightning came just 16 minutes into the game. The start of the game looked promising and we had the momentum, but it was not meant to be. After constantly warming up and waiting, the game finally was canceled and rescheduled to Saturday morning at 10 am.

So, nothing else remained but driving back to our hotel, eating a Jimmy John’s sandwich for dinner and going to bed. During the warm up before the morning game you could already tell that something was wrong. Our players seemed to be lethargic. There was no energy in comparison to the way we started the game the day before. Maybe we all should have taken better care of proper hydration or nutrition, because the heat and humidity of Boca Raton was having an effect on us. We were not able to perform and nobody played up to our potential (maybe Nick Rodriguez was the only one).

We just looked miserable out there and deserved to lose that game. There is nothing worse than losing but on that day we probably could not have even beaten our four coaches in a scrimmage. So, the rest of the day we were walking around with this dark, rainy cloud over our heads. How could we have lost a game against an opponent we seemed to be able to contend with the day before? It could not be for lack of fitness; we have lasted through so many fitness tests and such a tough preseason, so it was frustrating to struggle after just five minutes of the game.

In the Sunday game we tried to redeem ourselves and we gave everything we had left in our tanks. The 1-1 tie against a good FIU team was a release after the first game. However, this weekend made an impact on us. Now, we have to gather our energy this week and get ready for the next weekend because Temple and Furman are both tough challenges. It’s is all on us now—how strong we come back and redeem ourselves.