TALES FROM THE BACKLINE: "Soccer Team Under Construction"
Senior Tobias Hottner's weekly blog update.
Senior Tobias Hottner's weekly blog update.
Only three more games until conference games begin, which means three more games to eradicate flaws. Last weekend showed us exactly what areas we have to improve the most.

After a poor defending effort on Friday, the Temple Owls were already up 3-0 and I was pretty sure we would struggle to return to the field in one piece because of how mad coach Mike Johnson looked. Even though we almost tied the game in the second half, the match was a major setback. After losing twice to teams nicknamed the Owls (FAU and Temple), we now, we have to figure out ways to outsmart those night birds. How can it be that with the Owls vs. Dolphins matchup, the superior animal never wins?

The last few games have been humbling. Although we really kept up with our opponents, losses to Temple and Furman showed us what we are lacking at the moment: final third efficiency, creating more chances and defending for the full 90 minutes with high concentration. We looked good against a strong Furman team, but we did not have any dangerous shots on their goal.

One positive was the fact our whole team showed a great defending effort which was been the case against Temple. We have two more weeks to work on our weaknesses. Rome was not built in one day and neither will the Dolphin Empire. But after several weeks of practice, the foundation is there. We just need to clean up the details before A-Sun play starts.

Tobias Hottner

Quote of the week: “The road to success is always under construction." (JU goalkeeper Zach Greenwald)