Men traveling to central Florida to meet Notre Dame
The JU men’s lacrosse team travels to Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Friday to meet high-powered Notre Dame in a full-blown scrimmage and head coach Guy Van Arsdale has more important things on his mind than the final score.

“We tell our guys that what we’re looking for is that we want to see us executing and having success on the things that we’ve focused on to this point,’’ Van Arsdale said Thursday.

Van Arsdale along with assistant coaches Jacob Baxter and Brock Armour are in their first year with the team and getting their system in place takes time.

“There are going to be certain things we aren’t going to do very well,’’ Van Arsdale said. “That’s because it’s early in the preseason, we haven’t had time to give a lot of attention to those facets of the game and that’s OK. We know we’re going to have some down moments.’’

The key, he said, is when the down moments should – or shouldn’t – happen.

“What we want to make sure is that our down moments don’t come in the things we’ve been working on,’’ he said. “It shows us as coaches that our guys can take what we give them, can work that and get better at it and we’ll figure out what we need to pay closer attention to.’’

Given that, Van Arsdale really couldn’t care about the scoreboard this time out.

“Not at all, the score doesn’t matter at all,’’ he said. “At any point during the game you will probably be able to ask me the score and I’ll have no idea.’’

The Dolphins could have picked on a worse opponent than the Fighting Irish, who finished fifth in the nation last season and are ninth in preseason polls.

“Yeah, we could have, just about everybody but about four or five teams in the country,’’ Van Arsdale said. “They’re a program of great tradition, they have very talented players, tremendous coaching. They’re the kind of program that we aspire to be and I think it’s great for our guys to compete at that level, to measure themselves, see where we measure up and where we fall short.’’

The scrimmage begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Disney Sports Complex and is part of the U.S. Lacrosse Challenge series.

-- Jim Nasella