WLAX: Unit breakdown
Much of JU's defensive success will ride with goalkeeper Karli Tobin.
Much of JU's defensive success will ride with goalkeeper Karli Tobin.
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The JU women’s lacrosse team opens Wednesday at Florida (6:30 p.m.) This week, a three-part look at the various team units, attack, midfield and defense/goalkeeping. Today: defense and goalkeepers.

Strengths: Creating organized chaos. Assistant coach Sarah Gallion wants, and seems to be getting aggressiveness. “Our job is to make every play uncomfortable and we’ve become successful at that,’’ she said. The unit has the ability to disrupt plays, create a lot of turnovers and put a lot of pressure on the ball carrier. Kaylee Quint (Lake Mary, Fla.) is the quarterback of the defense and won’t get a lot of stats but is a game changer and rarely gets beat one on one. Senior Jess Hotchkiss and junior Rachael Hannon, the top possession leader last year, are vocal leaders of the group and Morgan Basler is one of the best at creating havoc. “She likes to get her stick on the ball and will knock down a pass in your face,’’ Gallion said.

Weaknesses: Working on making possession skills better. Wanting to make sure if the ball gets downfield they get it back to the offense.

Outlook: When they’re on same page very successful and when they are second guessing themselves not so much. If this unit plays with no fear it will cause a lot of disruption and create a lot of turnovers leading to fast break opportunities.

Goalkeepers: Junior Karli Tobin is coming into her own and she has adjusted to the college game. “Adjustment to the college game is big for any keeper and it’s particularly shocking to any goalie who played on a dominant high school team because they haven’t seen the volume of shots,’’ assistant coach Adam Norton said. It took Tobin a while to adjust but now the change in her game is “great,’’ Norton said. She is backed up by freshman Asia Moore who has gotten a lot of reps in the preseason.