FRIDAY, MARCH 09, 2012
Sand Volleyball falls to UNF in inaugural match
Junior Nicole Teplitz (left) & sophomore Niatha Cullen (right) won flight four
Junior Nicole Teplitz (left) & sophomore Niatha Cullen (right) won flight four
The JU sand volleyball team fell short in its inaugural match to North Florida, 4-1, in front of a capacity crowd at the Dolphin Beach Volleyball Complex Friday.

The teams were split into pairs for five flights during the duals match and each flight battled in a best of three format. Winners received five points from down to one, while the losers earned a half a point less starting from 2.5 to 0.5.

The Dolphins entered the final match, flight one, needing to win to stay in it, but the Ospreys won 2-1 to secure the win.

“I was proud of our team today,” JU head coach Michelle Collier. “We have had very little practice in the sand and we competed really well against a team that has been practicing a couple weeks longer than us. This is going to be a great sport for JU and our team is ready to put on the work to get better and develop as sand volleyball players.”

Junior Nicole Teplitz and sophomore Niatha Cullen paced the Dolphins after downing UNF’s Nicole Baran and Marija Pantovic, 2-1, in flight four.

UNF started the afternoon by getting a 2-0 win from Carolyn Jenkins and Emily Stack against senior Kathryn Kane and sophomore Alyssa Robertson in flight two. Sophomore Kylie Jacob and freshman Jena Orner battled in flight five, but Casey Giovanazzi and Kelsey Smith secured the point by winning the third set.

Junior Alison Loeppky and freshman Sammie Strausbaugh lost 2-0 in flight three to Allison Shirley and Britt Claessens.

Dagnija Medina and Julie Trembley outlasted sophomore Kendall Courtney and freshman Cari Whitmire in flight one to take the match.

“I wanted to thank Director of Athletics Alan (Verlander) and our support staff for working hard to make it a great facility for our girls to compete in,” Collier said. “I also want to thank our fans for coming out and creating an awesome atmosphere out here this afternoon. I am looking forward to the future of our sand volleyball program.”

The Dolphins are in action again against Hawaii on March 27 at the Dolphin Beach Volleyball Complex. First serve is set for 1-a.m.

Final Results

Flight #1: JU#1 K. Courtney & C. Whitmire x UNF #1 D. Medina & J. Trembley- UNF won 2-1
Flight #2: JU#2 A. Robertson & K. Kane x UNF #2 C. Jenkins & E. Strack- UNF won 2-0
Flight #3:JU#3 S. Strausbaugh & A. Leopky x UNF #3 A. Shirley & B. Claessens- UNF won 2-0
Flight #4: JU#4 N. Cullen & N. Teplitz x UNF #4 N. Baran & M. Pantovic- JU won 2-1
Flight #5: JU#5 K. Jacobs & J. Orner x UNF#5 C. Giovanazzi & K. Smith- UNF won 2-1

Duals scoring

Flight #1 Winner (5 points) - Loser (2.5 points)
Flight #2 Winner (4 points) - Loser (2 points)
Flight #3Winner (3 points) - Loser (1.5 points)
Flight #4Winner (2 points) - Loser (1 point)
Flight #5 Winner (1 points) - Loser (0.5 points)

Total points
UNF: 14
JU: 8.5