Equipped with lots of good cheer, we were starting our plane trip to Nashville, Tenn. last Thursday. Two games had to be played: one against Belmont and the other against Lipscomb. But before we could take care of business on the field, we were confronted with another challenge.

The school requires us to dress up for plane trips with the team. Since we have many international players on our team, many reduced their personal baggage to the essentials when we entered the United States. Dress clothes, ties and shoes had to be bought. The result of this dress code was that we looked more or less great individually but were not perceived as being on the same team. Besides our failure to match, people weren’t exactly identifying us as athletes.

People just looked at us and were wondering if the circus was in town. If they had to venture a guess on what we were, they would have had something else in mind than us being soccer players. We seemed to represent all kinds of jobs, but who would have guessed we were actually college soccer players because of all the colorful clothes. Some standouts were “Vodafone” Dani (Daniele Campailla), “German banker” Flo (Florian Scheck) and “H&M” Chris (Christopher Helms).

On Friday, it was time to finally take care of business again and flip the switch from carnival mode to soccer mode. We had a good game against Lipscomb (2-1 win) and a solid performance (1-1 tie) against Belmont (even though we all expected a lot more from ourselves).

One negative impact of the Belmont game was Casey Tafuri’s foot injury. But no Dolphins are left behind, even when we have to roll them back in a wheelchair (Get better Casey!).

On our flight home, we were traveling back with the UNF Men’s soccer team. The stare down already started at the check-in even though the game was one week away. Although we lost the check-in battle, (UNF was checked in first) we are bound and determined to get back at them coming Saturday.

The opera isn’t over until the corpulent woman sings and we are ready to sing this weekend. This game is always about prestige and we have to be at our best to show that we are the top team here in Jacksonville. The Dolphins will be ready to battle the Ospreys. We cannot afford to have the nice “Flipper” dolphin attitude on the field on Saturday because we want those three points. So, let’s show our teeth and we will prevail.

Please come out to support us against UNF on Saturday at 7pm and cheer for your Dolphins.

Tobias Hottner