In the past weeks, we have been focusing on where we stand mentally. How will we handle several obstacles that may come our way? Will we quit or fight until the end?

Being that we are the Phins, we are determined to do whatever it takes, because we know there isn’t a mountain high enough, there isn’t a valley low enough, and there isn’t a river wide enough to prevent us from achieving our goals. As long as we stick together as a team- anything is possible.

On a daily basis, we have been setting aside our individual differences and when things get tough, we fight through it for the team. One of our favorite sayings is “We All We Got” The definition of this saying is no matter how much pain we have to endure or how overwhelming the task at hand may seem; we will stick it out and fight through it for our family, friends, teammates, coaches, and all of our supporters. Each workout, we focus on getting ourselves prepared for the “Big Show” – the A-Sun Championship. Last year we left the “Big Show” empty handed, but this year we are determined to bring home the title of CHAMPIONS.

Nevertheless, we do know how to have fun. This month we had several Birthday’s Jessica George, Teneshia Ruff, and Coach Ginny Boggess. On September 14th, the team and I helped Jess celebrate her special day with the help of Ronisha Mitchell and Jane’l Osborne. We had a lovely feast (spaghetti, hot wings, sweet bake beans, broccoli and macaroni and cheese) just to name a few items on the menu. There were also biscuits prepared by Britany (Holliday) that were delicious I may add.

What is a birthday celebration without music? We had our very on D.J Abril Peeples keeping the celebration live. This celebration displayed how we are truly a family on and off of the court; even though we may have our ups and downs we still know how to come together and have a good time. Our team bonding didn’t stop there - we all took a trip to the beach. There we built giant sand castles, played charades and just relaxed while listening to music.

In closing to our family, friends, and supporters, we are looking forward to seeing you all at our games starting in November.