SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011
USA Blog #8: Time to Fly
Up early for our flight to D.C. and it didn’t start well. Big Tony Mitchell got sick before the flight and threw up. Oh man, does he look a mess. I should have taken a pic, but I just helped clean him up instead.

It was chilly on the flight and, oh yeah, I had to sit next to Tony!

Got a bite to eat with Coach Hewitt, Coach Bennett and Tim – and I picked up the check. It’s the least I could do for being invited!

We had a long wait before we take off for Frankfurt, Germany. All the players have slick phones, computers, headphones now. It must be nice to be a student-athlete these days at the high-major schools??

“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?“ Do you speak German? Got a couple hours with a layover in Frankfurt. I wish I had the opportunity to travel the world while still in college.

I just ran into the No. 6 pick in the NBA draft – Jonas Valanciunas from Lithuania. I think we play him Tuesday night.

Once we got to Lithunia, we took a two hour drive to Vilnius – checked into the hotel and had lunch (salad, white rice and beef with sweet PRUINES???). Yeah, prunes. Didn’t realize what I was eating until it was too late...and I mean too late!

We had a real good practice and then it was off to scout Australia vs Lithunia. Can you say PLAYERS?

This is a big-time arena – complete with fans with noise makers, a dance team, etc.

After the game, I grabbed dinner at a pizza joint called Can Can Pizza and walked back to the hotel. I got a quick history lesson from our guide and then Skyped with my wife and son.

Now I’m going to bed...finally. What a long day.