SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011
USA Blog #9: Getting Back on Schedule
I think I have caught up on the missed day of sleep. Wow, that was rough!

I had a good run thru town this morning. I got a few strange looks from the locals - not sure if was because I was running, because I had USA on my chest or because I don't look like them??? Anyway, the people have been very warm and hospitable.

Breakfast in the hotel was a little different - Lots of fruit, and all of it was good but other stuff not exactly!

Good shootaround at the main arena. The boys look like they are excited.

Pregame meal was chicken, noodles, french fries and split pea soup. Not bad at all. Randy and I went early to scout Canada vs Lithuania. Canadian team has a few players playing in the US. The PG has signed with Gonzaga and Lithuania has players going to Butler, Boise, New Mexico and UCSB. I wonder if they know Jacksonville is full of sun fun and beaches? What more can they want???

We didn't play our best tonight early in the game, but really played aggressive defense and made some shots in the 3rd quarter.

I’ve got to watch some tape before we practice. Back to work.