MONDAY, JULY 04, 2011
USA Blog #14: Happy 4th of July
Photo courtesy of USA Basketball
Photo courtesy of USA Basketball
Started my day with a good run in the park. Many of the locals going to work dressed in suits, women in skirts - feel like I'm back in D.C. working 9 to 5 for IBM again.

We had a good breakfast with a few more recognizable items. Our walk-through was in the hotel on the top floor lounge, which is just like where I used to live in Atlanta. Now there's a flashback...I was single, throwing parties, entertaining out of town guests - I thought I was the social coordinator for all my friends.

The day got better as we picked up a good win against Canada. We played well right from the start defensively. That had two players (Sim Bhular a 7-foot-4 320-pound center going to Xavier and Kevin Pangos a 6-foot-2 guard going to Gonzaga).

Next up for me is scouting the Russia vs. Australia game. I'm not the only one there - there are at least 10 to 15 NBA scouts here for the week as well. I think I might have mentioned there a TON of GOOD players over here! Topping off the day was Poland beating Argentina at the buzzer to end a great game.

After the games, Randy, Johnny O and I walked back to hotel. It's a lot longer walker in Riga than in Liepaja, with different scenery as well. We saw a couple walking a ferret on a leash while a couple of cyclists tried to run us over.

Now, I'm going to get another good night of sleep I think because the rooms are dark and we have AC!!!!!