USA Blog #16: Time to Rest
I started the morning by running the steps at the football (better known as soccer) stadium.

We lost today against Croatia by two. We didn't play with any energy or effort in the beginning, but we had a chance to win at the end. We are still the No. 1 seed in our pool as we enter the quarterfinals.

For dinner, we took the guys out to TGI Fridays and let them hang out at the mall to get their mind off the game.

There were a lot more NBA scouts here today and a few college assistants as our July recruiting period started today.

I had a good talk with Jonas Valanciunas at dinner. He is the funniest No. 5 NBA Draft pick I have ever talked to. I may try to record the next time we talk - not sure if you will understand it, but it will be funny.

It's been a long day and I need some rest, but "can't sleep, gotta eat." No games or practices tomorrow as the guys need a day to re-energize or in the words of Randy Bennett, "fire fresh." We've got Russia in the quarterfinals and know that it's win or go home time.