It is high noon and time is running out. After a good performance on Friday against George Washington, we struggled to build on that win against UC Riverside on Sunday. Now, we have only one game left until conference play starts on Sunday, and it’s crucial to figure out how to perform at a high level on a constant basis every time we step on the field.

Like in the epic poem “the Odyssey,” we are navigating our ship through storms and danger zones. But no matter what we try, we haven’t been getting closer to our final destination. Far away from home and without clear navigation, we cannot just float around and wait for coaches to guide us back to safe waters. They cannot solve all of our problems—it’s up to us as players to help navigate away from danger.

It is important that we understand that we can only reach our goals when we all row in the same direction. Right now, we have several guys desperately rowing in different directions and wondering why our ship does not move. It’s imperative we get everyone working together and start playing as a unit. I still believe in us, and I still think that we are the same group that was so cohesive in the preseason. While our morale has taken a hit with four one-goal losses, we should all try to remember the days when we played soccer for the love of the game. That passion should help us overcome our early season struggles. Like the wise Franz Beckenbauer once said “You have got to be eleven friends on the pitch, then nothing is impossible”.

It is time to live up to our own expectations.

Tobias Hottner

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” (Vince Lombardi)

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