TALES FROM THE BACKLINE: Where did all the time go?
We are quickly approaching the end of the season and from now on every game could be the last one ever in collegiate soccer for ten of us.

It seems like someone pressed the fast forward button and left the couch to get snacks and then forgot to come back. Our US collegiate soccer dream is almost over. All of the sand in our sand glass has more or less reached the bottom. It is on us to slow down to process and keep alive the dream of a championship. Where did all the time go?

It seems like our season started yesterday and now we are already at the end of it. Ten seniors will leave the JU soccer program after this season. College soccer will be history for those guys, and for some it might even be the last time they play competitive soccer. All of the seniors are determined to live the college soccer dream as long as they can. This basically means keep winning and everything will be fine.

This week, we will play in the A-Sun tournament and we all want the ring. Three opponents are in our way and we know we can beat them if we bring our A-game. It is all on our hands. Experts say soccer players perform at their peak when they just play intuitively because our intuitive mind is a sacred gift and our rational mind is a faithful servant. In today’s world society has only honored the servant but has forgotten the gift. Playing based on your intuition on the field will make things look easy. A striker is at his best when as soon as he gets the ball, he does not think of where he should put it but rather listens to his intuition. This is the feeling we have to get back in order to be successful. We should all remember the feeling we had when we were kids while playing soccer. Our mothers had to drag us home from the practice fields. We just could not get enough of it. You can have all the talent in the world but if you are not passionate about what you are doing all this talent will not contribute to being successful. You need to have the right attitude and passion for the game you play.

Lionel Messi, arguably the best soccer player of the world, has a brother who people viewed as the more talented soccer player. No one would have ever thought that Lionel might become the better player but the one thing his brother was missing was the right attitude, passion and commitment to be the best every single day. To play with your heart and give everything you’ve got, that is what made Lionel more special than his brother. Let’s drive to ETSU and give everything we got. Play for the love of the game and leave everything on the field. Leave no doubts and then we will have no regrets about the outcome of the game. Keep our dream alive and bring home that ring!

Tobias Hottner