Hey JU fans! Time doesn’t wait on anybody. We have been traveling and hitting the books hard. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to Coach (Dee) Pennix family, the JU women’s basketball team was able to come together and enjoy a lovely dinner in North Carolina.

Although we are off to a shaky start, we are not allowing this to discourage us. We see this as a way to get better, and prepare us for conference play which COUNTS the most. Some of you may recall how we fell short to being able to tell our Cinderella story to our grand kids someday. We fell short in winning the A-Sun championship game versus Stetson last season. Going into the A-Sun tournament as the underdogs really motivated us to do our best. I mean really, what did we have to lose?

This year, I believe we have the skills and talent to win the A-Sun championship for some of us this is our last opportunity to do so, like myself and Jessica George. As a senior on the team people automatically think that your role is to be the leader, but on our team we feel as though everyone could be a leader in a different way. Our newcomers have really stepped up when times have been getting tough for us displaying excellent leadership vocally as well as by actually executing a task. The JU women’s basketball team is truly a family and we support each other through thick and thin.

Our coaches continue to preach to us that we are a FAMILY and must begin to dislike losing. Until we all as a FAMILY understand that concept we will continue traveling downhill. Nevertheless, we also have to work on the little things like everybody being competitive, active rebounding, and communicate to each other effectively.

Every day we have been taking steps to getting everybody on the same page. Coming up Tuesday we play against Savannah State. Our plans are to play with heart and compete until the end; and leave their gym with our first “W”. I feel like we have to start somewhere so like I always tell my fellow teammates “WHY NOT, we worked extremely hard over the preseason we might as well reward ourselves with a win.” To our supporters keep hope alive and continue to expect nothing less from us than winning the A-SUN CHAMPIONSHIP. We have nothing to lose JU, we might as well go and get it. WE ALL WE GOT!...

-Crystal Bell