The coaches started the day with a little golf, which is never a bad thing, while the players had fun at the beach. After a late breakfast, everyone came to the pool. Some folks were thrown in like coach (Will) Jones, coach Winston (Neal), our athletic trainer Andy (Carter) and our graduate assistant Adam (Lewites). The players loved it when the coaches tried to fight back, they are pretty strong.

We had a film session to correct some mistakes from the previous game before heading off to our big game in San Pedro in a nice arena.

The power went out during second quarter, total black out with only one exit! Several of the girls from the orphanage (see the Day 2 blog), including Tommy’s (Kyle) two girls came to support us. They were having a ball. It was a 20-minute wait to get the lights back on but things got back on track.

Our second half emphasis was on getting post touches. Our post guys did a good job of getting position. We won the game pretty handily. After the game, we once again raced back to the hotel before they took all the food away.

Tommy Kyle from Nation of Coaches led the nightly talk on "What is your Story?" The guys were attentive on every word. I tried to talk to share and....well.... I got a little emotional talking about my respect for Tommy and the Nations of Coaches! We ended the night with a good prayer.

Coach Warren