Changing positions is natural for some
Hank Farmer, left, is now a tight end while Montavis Mack (98) in on the offensive line.
Hank Farmer, left, is now a tight end while Montavis Mack (98) in on the offensive line.
Those teaching the World Literature class Montavis Mack is scheduled to attend Monday morning would be nice to cut the JU football player a little slack if he seems as though he’s in a daze.

Mack, from Jacksonville’s Jackson High School, could be excused because he’s re-learning an old position as he was moved from the defensive line to offensive line late this week.

Changing positions can cause fits, but in Mack’s case having played on offense at Jackson has lessened the learning curve.

“It can be tough, but we knew with Montavis that he knew the hand positions and other techniques from watching his high school film,’’ coach Kerwin Bell said.

The move was made to add some depth at guard and Mack says he had sensed something was coming.

“All of the defensive line came in together so all of us learned our techniques together,’’ he said. “The coaches are trying to get the offensive line like that so I figured eventually they were going to move me there to give them some attitude. I play with attitude, so we’re going to try to transition that to the offense and rejuvenate this offense and even out defense and offense.''

Forewarned with the knowledge and having played on offense before took some of the edge off the move.

“It hasn’t been much of an adjustment,’’ Mack said. “When you’re playing d-line you’re holding blocks for the linebackers; on offense you’re holding blocks for the running backs.’’

The only real issue is re-learning the footwork.

“The footwork is different and I haven’t kicked step since ’09 in high school so that will be pretty hard,’’ he said. “I’ve been working after practice and before practice so it will be an alright transition for me.’’

Wide receiver Kwadwo Mensah already has taken note of Mack’s prowess.

“He has been watching film and he’s a bulldozer out there moving people around,’’ Mensah said.

Former fullback Hank Farmer is another who is shifting positions this year and he, too, isn’t having much struggle. He has moved to tight end, an offense-to-offense shift.

“It hasn’t been too hard because I knew the offensive plays and understood what a tight end does, Farmer, a redshirt junior, said. “The technique is a little different, not much. It’s all the same, getting your hands on the guy and removing him from the line.’’

Farmer played fullback, tight end and linebacker at Baker county High School in Macclenny.

Farmer says he is OK with the move, his goal is pretty simple.

“The move isn’t 100 percent foreign to me,’’ he said. “I just want to make the team better, whatever it takes to win.’’

Besides, both fullback and tight end have a lot of blocking and he’s happy to put licks on people when he can.

“Of course,’’ he said. “Action is action.’’

- Jim Nasella