Baseball rounds out annual alumni weekend
Head Coach Terry Alexander with the JU alumni group
Head Coach Terry Alexander with the JU alumni group
Several fans put football on hold for a few hours Saturday to watch the annual JU alumni game at John Session Stadium to wrap alumni weekend.

The alumni held the current Dolphins to a pair of runs through the first 2.2 innings, but two walks and an error opened the door for three runs, capped on a sophomore Garrett Ruckel, for a 5-0 deficit. The current Dolphins tacked on two more runs in the final three frames for a 7-1 win.

“This was another great alumni weekend,” JU head coach Terry Alexander said. “We are grateful to everyone who came out. I enjoyed catching up with new and old faces from our program’s past. We have some great alumni and I hope to see some of them during the upcoming season.”

Among the former players to arrive for the game were: Mark Aldrich (1987-91), Mike Barefoot (1986-87), Chris Basso (1990-91), Garrett Dunlap (2006-09), Steven Eagerton (2008-12), Kevin Ferreira, (2006-08), Kyle Fleming (2008-09), Jeremy Gillan (2008-09), Sean Green (2008-12), Dan Gulbransen (2010-12), Z.B. Hamilton (1988-89), Chad Hauseman (1999-03), Jimmy Howick (2009-11), Josh Hurrell (1996-2000), Logan James (2004-07), Chris Kaminski ( 2009-11), Kyle Kriech (2009-10), Matt Loosen (2008-10), Kevin Lehane (2008-12), Frank Martello (1984-87), Mike McCallister (2006-07), Daniel Murphy (2004-06), Jonathan Murphy (2009-12), Chad Oliva (1999-02), Jose Rodriguez (1986-89), Bob Slover (1981-84), Matt Tomshaw (2008-11), Adam Brett Walker II (2010-12), Eric Whitford (1987-91), Jimmy Winn (1961-63), Danny Wolfe (1983-84), John Vollstedt (1996-2000), David Yates (2006-08) and Justin Young (2004-07).

The current Dolphins wrap the fall season with the annual Green/Gold World Series starting Nov. 8 at John Sessions Stadium.