FloridaLacrosseNews.com Q&A With Tyler Black & Coach Van Arsdale

Brian Davis of FloridaLacrosseNews.com took a fall tour to visit with Florida born impact players at Florida’s NCAA schools.  The last stop on the tour was to Florida’s only men’s Division I program, Jacksonville where Coach Guy Van Arsdale and Jupiter High School alumni Tyler Black both took time out for a Q&A session.

FLN – Tyler, last year you had a great season on the field with 28 ground balls, second on the team with ten caused turnovers, obviously an impact player last year.  Now that you’re an upperclassman and you have that season under your belt with the new coaching staff, how do you see your role changing within the team?

Tyler – I’m trying to be a leader, I’m not very vocal. I’m very quiet.  On the field I like to talk but off the field I’m not very good at talking, so that’s the problem with being the leader.  I know the coaches keep pushing and want me to do more of that.  As far as my role in the game I feel more settled now that I’m an upperclassman and I know the system and I’m with guys that I’ve been playing with for three years now, so we’re definitely more meshed together.

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