FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012
Men’s basketball wraps volunteer effort at Teacher’s Supply Depot
The JU men’s basketball team took time out of its schedule on April 12 to lend a hand at the Teacher’s Supply Depot in Jacksonville.

The Teacher’s Supply Depot collects donated materials from companies throughout the Jacksonville area and gives those supplies and materials free to district schools. Since 1996, 950 contributors have given materials and more than 20,500 visits to schools have been logged.

The Dolphins helped the local teachers from the area gather, organize and load supplies in the warehouse.

“It was fun for us to help out,” JU head coach Cliff Warren said. “We put a lot of emphasis on education in our basketball program so it was natural for our team to volunteer with those who value the teachers. This is a tremendous organization and we will were honored to be a part of it.”

People can learn more about the Teacher’s Supply Depot by clicking the link above.