Dolphins Assist World Relief Center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville University women’s basketball team continued to make an impact in the lives of others this past weekend as they worked in conjunction with the World Relief Center to host a “Fall Festival” for Burmese refugee children living in Jacksonville.

“The service event with World Relief Center was one of the most heartfelt experiences I’ve ever been a part of,” said senior guard Ronisha Mitchell. “The children that we worked with are amazing individuals and it was great spending so much time with them. It was a humbling experience and we are better people because of it”.

According to 2012 Florida statistics, numbers show that over the past five years, Jacksonville has become home for nearly 2,000 refugees from the troubled country of Burma, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia.

Doing their best to give hope and positive vibes, the team and coaches spent their day with Burmese children and interacted with them in games of soccer, kickball, relay races and time on the playground.

Learning about each other through moments of question and answer, the youth taught the student-athletes about their background and culture and the Dolphins did the same with stories of their childhood and life in college.

The event served as a great opportunity for the children, who ranged in ages from three to 13, to work on their English literacy and for the Fins to draw inspiration from the struggles the Burmese children have overcome.

Before the day’s end, the team met and discussed the conditions refugees face in the world and in the U.S. Proving that teaching happens on and off the court, the Fins attached this community event to an invaluable life lesson.