Women’s Rowing Varsity Eights Outpace Stetson & Drake

DeLand, Fla. –Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference members may want to keep an eye on Jacksonville University women’s rowing. Making a statement with successful performances over league competitors Stetson and Drake, the Dolphins posted the fastest times among the other Varsity Eight crews.

“I was really proud of how all of our women raced today,” said Head Coach Jim Mitchell. “Both the Varsity 8 and 2nd Varsity 8 had great races from right off the start line, and never looked back. They rowed dominate races, and showed much improvement over two weeks ago. The Fours, although not as successful as the Eights, had some close racing experience at times through the races, and hopefully learned from their experiences. Racing two conference teams was a great way to wrap up our spring break training camp.”

The first Varsity Eight boat opened the regatta outpacing its opponents in the competition hosted by Stetson on Lake Beresford. JU finished the race in 7:05.41, while the Drake squad crossed the finish line in 7:29.05 and Stetson came in third with a time of 7:31.17.

The women’s second Varsity Eight boat also claimed the top spot in their race, finishing a full 11 seconds before Tufts.
Wrapping the day with another Varsity Eight competition, the boat Cookie, with Dioneda at coxswain finished in first place at 7:12.87 while Drake placed second with a time of 7:27.45. The Dolphins second and third Eight crews, finished third and fifth, respectively.

In each of the varsity four events, Jacksonville placed third.


WV8 I  
1. JU 7:05.41
2. Drake  7:29.05
3. Stetson  7:31.17

1. JU     7:25
3. Drake  7:37
5. Stetson  8:29

1. Stetson  8:11
2. Drake   8:50
3. JU   8:51

1. Stetson A   8:30.07
2. Stetson B  8:45.69
3. JU 8:54.26

WV8  Race 2
1. JU V8   7:12.87
2. Drake 7:20
3. JU 2V8  7:28
4. Stetson  7:46
5. JU 3V8 8:46


Varsity Eight:  Maycee Dioneda (Coxswain), Danielle Keeler, Stefanie Keeler, Jules Welch, Cat Plesko, Victoria Hernandez, Jessica Mathews, Veronika Stasaityte, Jordyn Clary

Varsity Eight II*: Lauren Whetzel (Coxswain), Anna Palmer, Laura Stevenson, Jenna Holt, Victoria Tkacz, Allison Rector, Ashley Hirt, Jodi Coia, Sydney Warpness

*Renee Pharis (Coxswain) in Second Varsity Eight Race

Varsity Eight III: Monica Hakun (Coxswain), Rebecca Clark, Blanca Fernandez, Casey Sandorf, Kelly Cleveland, Nicole Samek, Jennifer Pavlik, April Beck, Blake Middleton

Varsity Four I: Renee Pharis (Coxswain), Rebecca Clark, Rylie Ayles, Blanca Fernandez, April Beck

Varsity Four II: Monica Hakun (Coxswain), Blake Middleton, Casey Sandorf, Kelly Cleveland, Nicole Samek