FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014
Dolphins Conclude First Day of NCAA Regatta


– The Jacksonville University women’s rowing program made their postseason debut today, May 30, at the NCAA Division I Rowing Championships. In the first day of the three-day regatta, all three Dolphin crews raced in a respective repechage and advanced to Saturday’s CD Semifinals.

Nearly five hours after the trio guided the waters of Eagle Creek Park in opening heats, the Dolphins were prepared to launch for the evening’s repechages. The Varsity Eight kicked off the afternoon session in 7:02.06. The 2V8 boat completed its event in 7:34.04 while the Four crossed the finish line with a time of 8:29.74.

Saturday’s semis will begin at 8:30 a.m. For result updates follow the event cohost, Indiana Sports Corp, on twitter at @GameDayIndy and @IndSportsCorp. Fans can also watch the action live here.

V8 Lineup: Maycee Dioneda(Cox), Danielle Keeler(8), Stefanie Keeler(7),  Julianna Welch(6),  Cat Plesko(5),  Victoria Hernandez(4), Jessica Mathews(3),  Veronika Stasaityte(2), Jordyn Clary(1)

2V8 Lineup: Lauren Whetzel(Cox), Anna Palmer(8),  Laura Stevenson(7), Jenna Holt(6), Victoria Tkacz(5), Allison Rector(4), Ashley Hirt(3), Jodi Coia(2),  Sydney Warpness(1)

V4 Lineup: Renee Pharis(Cox), Rylie Ayles(4), Jennifer Pavlik(3), April Beck(2), Rebecca Clark(1)

Friday’s Results

Varsity Eight
University of California 6:19.33
Princeton 6:25.48
UCLA 6:31.29
Washington St. 6:37.33
Northeastern 6:45.96
Jacksonville 7:06.69

Second Varsity Eight

Ohio State 6:27.69
University of California 6:33.09
Harvard 6:38.4
Indiana  6:47.14
Northeastern 7:06.79
Jacksonville 7:37.96

Varsity Four
Wisconsin 7:25.53
Notre Dame 7:27.82
Louisville 7:30.91
Oklahoma 7:47.45
Jacksonville 8:32.68
Ohio State 8:56.79

Varsity Eight Repechage

Southern Cal 6:30.52
Radcliffe 6:31.20
UCLA 6:32.48
Wisconsin 6:38.41
Louisville 6:42.6
UMass 6:54.23
Jacksonville 7:02.06

Second Eight Repechage
Harvard 6:42.27
Southern Cal 6:44.75
Wisconsin  6:45.77
Louisville 6:49.99
UMass 7:16.63
Jacksonville 7:34.04

Varsity Four Repechage
Indiana 7:23.77
Princeton 7:27.09
UCLA 7:33.65
Oklahoma 7:44.98
Northeastern 7:50.50
Boston U 8:04.04
Jacksonville 8:29.74