MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014
Coach Yo Blogs From Nassau, Bahamas

Who wouldn’t want to spend two weeks in the Bahamas? Coach Yo, JU’s women’s basketball and Bahamian National Team Coach, will be spending two weeks in her home country fielding the team that will compete in the CBC Tournament and soaking up a little fun in the sun. Showing off her blogging skills, Coach McCuin will also be documenting her time and sharing it with all of you. Check out her first blog below!


Hello from the Bahamas folks!!

So good to be back with my friends and family! Being away from home has truly given me an appreciation for this beautiful country! Although I'm not from Nassau, home is home and I'm honored to be here to serve my fellow Bahamians.

We've just completed our eighth practice in five days and I have been enjoying every moment of it! We finally cut the team to 13 members and we still have one more to go.  Only 12 can travel so the level of play in practice has been extremely high! Some members of the team are persons that I've played with before on the junior national circuit, and are my age! (It feels so funny for them to call me "coach")

The effort and athleticism that has been displayed has been great!  This group has some of the most athletic females that I've seen or been around. We have two players that can dunk the ball (one hand) and the majority of them tap the glass on lay ups seemingly! It has been a joy to coach!

Coach Ezell (Head Coach at ETSU) my assistant coach, has been fitting in great with the team and we've had her try many of our Bahamian cuisines! The weather has been hot and we've been practicing in non-air conditioned gyms so needless to say we've truly been "grinding" it out!

I've sighted at least two Jacksonville University t-shirts around town and even the players here are enjoying the "NoCeilings" movement :-)

We have seven days left before we travel to the British Virgin Islands so we have a lot to do with a little time. Luckily, our ladies are maximizing every opportunity in practice with one goal in mind.

I'll do a better job with my updates in the near future. Stay tuned for the next blog before we leave for the Virgin Islands!

Yolett McPhee-McCuin