SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 2004
Women's Varsity 8 Wins at Florida Tech

March 14, 2004

FELLSMERE, Fla. - The Women's Varsity 8 raced to victory in the main event against Florida Tech, while the Women's Varsity 4 "B" and the Women's Novice 4 claimed wins Sunday at Canal 54. Lauren Calhoun (Baltimore, Md.), Hannah Bates (Lakeland, Minn.), Patti Connolly (Jacksonville/Bishop Kenny), Cynthia Schulze (Jacksonville/Nathan B. Forrest), Amanda Bustos (Dallas, Texas), Lindsey Jackson (Jacksonville/Fletcher), Kate Burke (Northfeld, N.J.), Becky Watt (Ocoee, Fla.) and coxswain Evette Smith (Flourtown, Pa.) pushed the Women's Varsity 8 to a time of 8:05.2, while Florida Tech clocked in at 8:10.2.

Against headwinds in excess of 15 knots, the Women's Varsity 4 "B" finished with a time of 9:39.9, nearly 43 seconds ahead of Florida Tech which finished in 10:22.2. The Women's Novice 4, comprised of Nicholette Eagen (Fernandina Beach, Fla.), Julie Smith (Virginia Beach, Va.), Mary O'Melia (Sanford, Fla.), Carrie Smith (Roanoke, Va.) and coxswain Catrina Burns (Ottawa, Ill.) raced to a 9:37.3 finish, while Florida Tech trailed in at 9:51.2. The Women's Varsity 4 finished 13 seconds back of Florida Tech.

On the men's side, JU's varsity 4 finished 6.4 seconds behind Florida Tech with a time of 7:41.9, while the varsity 4 "B" finished 6.7 back of Florida Tech, crossing the finish at 8:06.4.

JU travels to Winter Park, Fla. on Saturday, March 20 to compete in the Rollins Invitational.