FRIDAY, APRIL 09, 2004
Crew Puts Three Boats in the Finals of the FIRA Championships

April 9, 2004

TAMPA, Fla. - JU crew advanced three boats to the finals of the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships after Friday's heats, earning a spot in the Women's Varsity 8+, Women's Varsity 4+ and Men's Varsity 4+ finals.

The Men's Varsity 4+ finished first in its heat in 6:07.3 ahead of Rollins College, Miami and Stetson. In the other heat, Florida Tech, UCF and Embry-Riddle advanced to Saturday's finals.

The Women's Varsity 4+ took second in its heat just one-tenth of a second behind first-place Rollins College in a time of 6:51.6. UCF finished third and Barry came in fourth. Miami, Florida Tech and Stetson also advanced to the finals.

The Women's Varsity 8+ finished second in its heat with a time of 6:31.2 behind Miami and Florida Tech. UCF, Barry and Nova Southeastern also advanced to Saturday's final in the other heat.

JU's Women's Novice 4+ was forced to scratch after an injury in warm-ups.

The FIRA Championships continue tomorrow in Tampa.

FIRA Championships Results
Friday Heats

Women's Varsity 8+

1. Miami, 6:06.2

2. Florida Tech, 6:30.2

3. JU, 6:31.2

4. Florida, 6:59.1

Men's Varsity 4+

1. JU, 6:07.3

2. Rollins, 6:12.2

3. Miami, 6:18.6

4. Stetson, 6:22.2

Women's Varsity 4+

1. Rollins, 6:51.5

2. JU, 6:51.6

3. UCF, 6:53.0

4. Barry, 6:55.7