SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2007
JU Rowing makes history at FIRA State Championships

April 15, 2007


The phrase "uncharted territory" is being used to describe the next phase of the JU rowing program with the completion of a state-of-the art facility in the 50th anniversary of the program but the phrase can also be used in the squad's performance on the water at the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association State Championships on Friday and Saturday on the Tampa Bypass Canal.

The Dolphins had never won an overall point trophy in the program's history of competing at the state regatta but JU left Tampa with nine state championships, a team overall point trophy, a men's overall point trophy and a women's overall point trophy. On top of that, JU had a total of 17 boats competing and came away with nine gold medals, six silver medals and a bronze.

Other schools competing in the event were Florida State, Florida, UCF, Florida Tech, Rollins College, Stetson, Nova Southeastern, Embry Riddle, Berry and Tampa.

JU came away with the overall point trophy with a mark of 218, while Florida Tech (124), UCF (54.5), Florida (46), Stetson (38.5), Rollins (37.75), Nova Southeastern (30), Tampa (29.5), Florida State (15), Embry Riddle (4.5) and Berry (3) rounded out the rest of the field.

The Dolphin men's took home the point trophy with a total of 150, ahead of Florida Tech (112), UCF (54.5), Rollins (22), Florida (18.5), Stetson (17.5), Embry Riddle (4.5) and Florida State (1.5).

The Dolphin women took the point trophy with a 68 tally, ahead of Nova Southeastern (30), Tampa (29.5), Florida (27.5), Stetson (21), Rollins (15.75), Florida State (13.5), Florida Tech (12) and Berry (3).

Last year, the Dolphins finished with eight medals which included five state championships and three second-place finishes.

"This is the first time a JU squad has ever won a point trophy at the State Championship much less all three," said JU head coach Jim Mitchell. "I am very excited because every single boat we entered contributed to our team success today. Assistant coach Tim Inabinet has done a great job getting our women up to speed and our men really showed our depth today."

The Men's Junior Varsity 8 with coxswain Ray Davis, Michael Samaha, Kameron French, Daniel Schall, Chris Carter, Sebastion Kuhn, Garrett Markle, Lucas Meers and Erich Negaard won the first state title with a time of 5:44.5 ahead of Florida Tech (5:51.3), UCF (6:07.3) and Florida (6:11.6).

The Men's Lightweight 8 with coxswain Jessica Marchant, Stefan Negaard, Tyler Humphrey, Michael Scully, Joseph Civello, Matt Maffesanti, Matthew Given, Ryan McCarson and Charlie Allen placed first with a mark of 5:39.5 ahead of UCF (6:03.5).

The Men's Novice 8 consisting of coxswain T.J. Urbanek, Matthew D'Amico, Michael Samaha, Kameron French, Sebastian Kuhn, Garrett Markle, Matthew Given, Tyler Humphrey and Lucas Meers placed first with a time of 5:43.9 ahead of Florida Tech (5:56.1), Florida (6:07.4) and UCF (6:11.5).

The Women's Junior Varsity 4 consisting of coxswain Alison McGonegal, Leira Fuentes, Kate Gout, Amanda Soukup and Keely Wells took gold with a mark of 7:25.9 ahead of Rollins (7:36.3).

The Men's Lightweight 4 with coxswain Jessica Marchant, Matt Maffesanti, Stefan Negaard, Rick McCarson and Charlie Allen placed first with a time of 6:07.4 ahead of Stetson (6:15.5), UCF (6:17.7), Embry Riddle (6:42.8) and Florida State (6:44.8).

The Men's Varsity 4 "B" with coxswain T.J. Urbanek, Richmond Jones, Greg Boccieri, Michael Scully and Adam Heine took gold with a mark of 6:08.9 ahead of Florida (6:13.6), UCF (6:53.5) and Florida Tech (8:28.7).

The Women's Varsity 4 "B" consisting of coxswain Amanda Soukup, Jessica Tuten, Rachael Pacheco, Robin Corbo and Alaina Kemp crossed first with a mark of 7:23.7 ahead of Stetson (7:34.0).

The Men's Varsity 4 with coxswain Kristen Sukolsky, Kyle Fitzgerald, Patrick Smith, Patrick Lura and Lee Richard placed first with a time of 5:56.3 ahead of Florida Tech (5:58.3), Rollins (6:06.8), Florida (6:23.8), Stetson (6:29.1), UCF (6:37.1) and Embry Riddle (7:12.4). The Women's Varsity 4 consisting of coxswain Audrey Sefton, Kate Burke, Lyndsay Blair, Stephanie Bechtold and Adelina Anderson claimed the final state title with a mark of 6:45.8 ahead of Rollins (7:04.0), Stetson (7:12.9), Florida (7:17.7) and Tampa (7:24.1).

The Men's Varsity 8 (5:31.7), Women's Varsity 8 (6:23.1), Men's Pair (6:03.5), Women's Pair (7:57.8), Men's Novice 4 and Women's Novice 4 placed second in their respective heats to add to the point titles. The Men's Junior Varsity 4 took home bronze to round out the Dolphins in the top three.

The Dolphins will next compete in the SIRA Championships on April 21 in Oak Ridge, Tenn.