SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2007
JU Rowing places all four boats in Grand Finals at Dad Vail Regatta

May 12, 2007

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Click here to see race results

JU rowing put the final touches on a stellar season as all four boats advanced to the Grand Final race of its respective events while the Men's Junior Varsity 8 took home bronze at the prestigious Dad Vail Regetta, Saturday on the Schulykill River in Philadelphia, Pa.

The 69th annual regatta featured more than 100 colleges and 3,300 rowers from the United States and Canada. The Dolphins placed all of its entries in the Grand Finals for the first time in program history. The last Men's Varsity 8 boat to reach the Grand Final was in 1968 when the Dolphins took home a silver medal.

"We are just ecstatic about how this team raced this weekend," said JU head coach Jim Mitchell. "We are always racing for first but the fact that every JU boat made the Grand Finals, finished in the top five and raced their best; shows the commitment these men and women made to the program.

"We will dearly miss seniors Kristen Sukolsky, Kyle Fitzgerald, Kate Burke, Michelle Henry and Audrey Sefton but our results today show that the program is getting faster and is going to continue to get faster."

The Men's Junior Varsity 8 consisting of coxswain TJ Urbanek, Michael Samaha, Kameron French, Daniel Schall, Chris Carter, Sebastian Kuhn, Garrett Markle, Lucas Meers and Erich Negaard took bronze with a time of 6:09.54 behind Temple (5:58.75) and LeHigh (6:03.55). Army (6:09.54), Purdue (6:10.58) and Rochester Inst Tech (6:12.01) rounded out the rest of the field.

The Women's Varsity 4 with coxswain Audrey Sefton, Kate Burke, Lyndsay Blair, Stephanie Bechtold and Adelina Anderson advanced to the finals after finishing second in the Semi-Finals with a mark of 7:13.59, behind Lafayette (7:11.27). Duquesne (7:23.88), NW St. LA (7:31.53), Charleston (7:47.9) and Rutgers Camden (7:57.68) rounded out the rest of the event.

The Dolphins took fourth in its final with a mark of 7:30.75, behind San Diego (7:23.33), Penn State (7:23.69) and Lafayette (7:27.73). West Virginia (7:35.33) and Marquette (7:39.76) rounded out the rest of the field.

The Men's Varsity 8 with coxswain Kristen Sukolsky, Kyle Fitzgerald, Patrick Smith, Greg Boccieri, Lee Richard, Patrick Lura, Richmond Jones, Adam Heine and Mattew D'Amico advanced to the finals after finishing second in its Semi-Final heat with a time of 5:46.22. Temple placed first with a time of 5:44.67 while Grand Valley (5:46.88), Rochester Inst Tech (5:56.03), Ohio State (6:01.06) and George Mason (6:07.57) rounded out the rest of the field.

The Dolphins placed fifth in the finals with a time of 5:51.39 behind Purdue (5:42.59), Temple (5:44.83), Florida Tech (5:46.19), and Marietta (5:47.88) while Army rounded out the field with a time of 5:55.56.

The Men's Lightweight 8 with coxswain Jessica Marchant, Stefan Negaard, Tyler Humphrey, Michael Scully, Joseph Civello, Matt Maffessanti, Matthew Given, Rick McCarson and Charlie Allen placed fourth in the finals with a time of 6:05.74, behind Georgia Tech (5:50.06), St. Joseph's (5:56.24) and Mercyhurst (6:01.55). Grand Valley (6:08.46) and Northwestern (6:09.73) rounded out the rest of the field.